Beginners Guide For Yoga – So Simple Even Your Kids Can Do It

This headline says it all. But first, let us understand why yoga is important in our life. As we all know it’s an ancient way to keep yourself healthy. As I said early we follow western culture more so Yoga becomes famous in our county in the last few years. Though Yoga is from India but we still don’t trust our own healthy lifestyle which was proven by our “Maha Rishi’s”. Yoga is a complete set of Body, Mind & Soul. from my point of view Yoga is a lifestyle. You don’t need any equipment to do Yoga. You don’t need any special place for Yoga. You can do Yoga at your home, office, or traveling. 

First Yoga works on your “Body”, by doing Yoga Asana you will start getting fit to fitter from “Body”. Once you fitter from your “Body” you can start interacting with your “Mind” more you practice you can start controlling your “Mind”. Once your “Mind” starts listening to you will get close to your “Soul”. That’s the ultimate goal of any Yoga practitioner. 

Online or Offline

Before the pandemic, there was only one option and that was offline but in this pandemic situation, we have an option that we can learn or do yoga online. 

Pros of Online

  • You can do safely Yoga at your home.
  • You can save your traveling time from home to Yoga class & from Yoga class to home.
  • You can give more time to your family or your own self.
  • Online Yoga classes will be a little bit cheaper than offline classes.

Cons of Online

  • The yoga teacher won’t be able to correct your wrong pose physically.
  • A yoga teacher won’t be able to push or pull your body part.
  • If the internet won’t work then you will miss your Yoga class.
  • You may be disturbed by your family members.

Pros of Offline

  • A yoga teacher will correct your pose physically.
  • You can enjoy Yoga with your classmates physically.
  • In yoga class, you can feel the atmosphere of the place.
  • You won’t be disturbed by others while doing Yoga in class.

Cons of Offline

  • You have to pay a little bit more in comparison to online classes.
  • You have to consider extra time traveling.
  • In this pandemic, it’s a bit risky to go for an offline class.

Pre-recorded or YouTube

Now comes the most dangerous part of this blog. Pre-recorded or YouTube yoga class is good but for beginners, it’s not good at all. Let us understand the pros & cons of this.

Pros of Pre-recorded or YouTube

  • It’s cheap in comparison to offline or online Yoga classes.
  • You can do these classes at your convenience.
  • You can do these classes as many times as you can.
  • You can share these classes with your family & friends at no extra cost.

Cons of Pre-recorded or Youtube

  • If you are doing Yoga asana wrong then no one is going to correct you.
  • You won’t be able to make sure which asana is going to suits your body.
  • Sometimes in free Youtube videos, they won’t share full information about yoga asana.
  • If you are doing alone yoga asana practice & something bad happens to you then it’s difficult for you to get help for yourself.

From Certified Yoga trainer

A certified Yoga trainer is a person who spends money & invests his/her precious time to learn Yoga because it’s his/her passion to become a Yoga trainer. He/she pass the test & got the certificate of a Yoga trainer. Sometimes they keep on learning new things in Yoga so that they upgrade their knowledge on regular basis.


  • The yoga teacher knows your body flexibility very well so the Yoga teacher goes step by step as per your body.
  • Yoga is all about breathing so a Yoga trainer will guide you to proper breathing while doing a Yoga asana.
  • Yoga trainer design class in such a way that after finishing your class you will feel relaxed & rejuvenated.
  • If you are taking personal training then a Yoga trainer takes the class as per your mood too.
  •  A Yoga trainer can also guide you on what to do before & after the Yoga class.
  • A Yoga trainer helps you to avoid injury while doing a Yoga asana.

For beginners it’s my personal recommendation is that go for a physical class if a person can or go for an online class where a Yoga trainer gives proper training. In the beginning, I won’t recommended pre-recorded or YouTube videos because you may land upon injury. Once you know the basics of Yoga & you know about your body limitations then only you can think of taking pre-recorded or YouTube videos. So chose wisely from online or offline class that suits you. As I said in my previous blog that “Do whatever you can do for your health” it doesn’t matter what you do. Last but not least “Any Body Can Do Yoga”

Share what you believe about this blog & see you soon with another topic.