Turn Your REGRET Into A High Performing Machine

Are you having Regret?

Yes, more or less we all have Regretted in our life. This blog topic comes to my mind while I meet my friends after a long time. Let me share the situation so that you all can understand what I wanted to share with you.

Meeting with friends after a long time (Physical)

As everyone knows that this pandemic time it’s difficult to do your regular task so it’s very hard to meet your friends whom you meet regularly in person. Pandemic changes the definition of meeting. Covid-19 forces us to switch to the virtual world in all the tasks. Like study online, work online, party online, meeting friends online, etc.

We were not used to online stuff this much but we don’t have a choice. 

After so many days, we all friends decided to meet but “Physical” so everyone was excited. We planed that we will bring some food & some tea, coffee so that we can feel “back to basic days”. The D-Day comes and we all meet like old days. Pulled legs, passing funny comments, recalling old days, enjoyed tea, coffee & snacks, more importantly, we were enjoying the company of each other after a long time. 

Here comes the main part, due to lockdown people spent most of their time staying home & not done any physical activity. Even people spent their time watching TV late at night, which disturbed their sleep cycle and food cycle. So this leads to gain weight in most of my friends. But in my case, it was completely reversed as I lost almost 20kgs. They all were shocked rather than amazed to see my transformation. I transformed my body & mind with the help of Yoga. They asked me how I changed myself from “fat to fit”. I explain my whole journey how I transformed my body, which things I take care of, how I work on my diet, what kind of yoga asana I did & other things.

Things getting normal

After the 2nd wave of covid-19, we were meeting “physically” regularly. I like to do experiments on my self so I stop practicing my yoga practice for almost 8 to 9 months & I was underweight due to my strict diet & yoga practice so I decided to put on some weight so that I can get some muscle gain. My main motto was to check “can I survive without following my diet & yoga practice for one year?” Can I be able to keep my body fit from outside as well as from inside? 

Yes, I am on the right track. it started working as I planned, I gain weight as I wanted & I can keep my body fit from outside as well as from inside too. 

A few days ago, we all friends gathered after a long time and family members for dinner at friend farm. We all were enjoying company just like old days after almost 1.5 years. I don’t know how but we came on the topic “How do we all spend our lockdown time?” When my turn comes every one eager to know about my changes as almost everyone in my friend’s group gain weight or is mentally disturbed. So shared my experience of how I concur my fear with “the turn my regret into a high performing machine”.  

I explain them by giving an example of today’s gathering by asking a bunch of questions. We were having Chinese food, fast food, cakes, etc things for dinner. 

  • Did they like today’s food? They all said YES. 
  • Do you think this food is healthy? Everyone with one answers NO. 
  • After having dinner will you regret how unhealthy food we just had? Everyone with one answer YES. 

They all were confused about what I was asking & how food-related to regret. So I explain to them by giving my example of how I planed & think about it. As we all know about the gathering I fasted for 1 day so that I can balance whatever I eat in the gathering. Here comes the most important part, I enjoyed the food very much. I know that this food is not as healthy as I use to have it on regular days. Instead of regretting, I gave positive vibes to my food & I simply enjoy the test of food & the company which I was having after almost 1.5 years. Of course, I had food in very limited quantity. 

Once we start regretting food that we had then it creates negativity in our body and it leads to creates problems like indigestion, gas trouble, bloating, headache, negativity, won’t get protein, vitamins, minerals & importantly bad mood. These are not temporary effects it will stay for a long time because our body accepts negativity easily. Just imagine we are regretting from so many years & imagine how much negativity accumulated in our body & mind. Now recall our childhood. When were kids were we facing any of those issues like we are having for so many years. The answer is of course NO. Do you know the reason why? We didn’t regret panipuri, ice spheres, candy, junk food, cold drink, even sometimes we forget to wash our hands. 

we all know that which food is good & which food is bad for us. also, we know which drink is good & which is bad. what we have to do is just have a good balance & stop regretting. I have one hack for you, it’s difficult but effective. if you can’t stop yourself from not drinking a cold drink then you can have a sip of cold drink but not swallow, keep that cold drink in your mouth for some time & spit it out. by doing this your tongue got the test of cold drink. if you follow this trick I am sure you can get rid of your cold drink habit with very strong intention in just a few days.

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