Yoga V/s Gym

I know this topic is not debatable but if we try to understand the current Covid-19 situation, which one is best, not better because it’s a matter of survival. 

Yes, it doesn’t matter who you are, what you do, where you live but in this pandemic condition “How you survived?”. 

Let us understand “Why breathe is important in our life?” We can live without food, we can live without water but we can’t live without breath. If a person runs out of breathing then that person is dead. so breath is important for all of us. Let me elaborate it a little bit broader way. God has given us our lives, not in weeks, months, years but in “Breaths” yes you have read it correctly. We have heard that our “Rishimuni” lived hundreds of years. Have you ever imagine how they have lived hundreds of years? They were masters at controlling breathing. Once they breathe in they hold their breath for weeks, months, or some time years. I know it’s hard to believe but this thing happened in past but if you master your senses you can do it easily. (Nowadays controlling on our one sense is difficult :P). 

Now understand “How yoga can help us in breathing?” If you want to understand what is yoga in one line then it “Yoga is all about breath in and breathe out” In yoga asana, pranayama, meditation is based on breathing in and breathe out. so if you know a little bit of yoga then your survival of living is a little bit high because this Corona-virus has attack our lungs. 

come to our main topic which one is “Best” Yoga or Gym?

  • Yoga makes your body slim, light & energetic while gym makes your body gross, heavy & strong.
  • Yoga makes your body flexible while gym makes your body harsh & stubborn.
  • Yoga improves your agility & functionality on another case gym will make you lethargic & lazy.
  • At the end of the yoga session you will feel refresh but in the gym will make you tired.
  • Due to proper breathing, you can use your breath carefully but in this case, due to workout breath become heavy and your breath goes to waste.
  • Due to proper breath in & breath out your respiratory system works perfectly but in this case, the respiratory won’t work perfectly & which may lead to heart diseases.
  • In yoga, your sweat becomes order less but in the gym, it will stink.
  • Yoga makes you diet conscious, gym makes you over-eaters.
  • Yoga will lead to an increase in the essence quality & the gym will lead to Tamas & Rajas quality.
  • Yoga will help to develop the brain & increase memory power while gym makes the brain stubborn & decrease the memory power.
  • Yoga gives power to glands & helps glands to work efficiently while gym won’t help glands in any way.
  • Yoga will help you to increase the strength of the 5 senses while gym won’t increase the strength of the 5 senses.

Everyone has their own choice. Do Yoga or go to the gym or go to Zumba or go cycling or go running or play some sports or something like this. The purpose is to make yourself fit and healthy in any way. Yoga is originally from India but popular in western countries and it’s the bitter truth that we follow western countries blindly. Our Yoga is widely accepted in western countries after that we start believing in it.

Share what you believe about which one is great & also share what you do to make yourself fit and healthy.